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This is a collection of resources to start and grow your heart-centered business, create the products & services that will inspire your patrons and bring you ease.

Creating A Card Deck

Card Deck Publishing:

Hire Sheila for content coaching & development:

Hire Lezette for design and tech help:

Design & Printing

Stock backgrounds and graphics:

Printing with different designs:

Building an Online Business

Building an online world for Heart Centered Entrepreneurs:

Mindful Support

Creating a Living Family and Business:

Working With WordPress & Shopify

Managing roles in WordPress:

Hire Lezette to relieve all the tech stress:

Shopify is my preferred store platform:

A self hosted WordPress is great when you need more than a store:

Best place to purchase WordPress templates:

Heart-Centered Disclaimer

* There are affiliate links on this page. Only tried and loved products and services become affiliate links.

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