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In order to preserve the positive spirit of the An Artful Breath Community, we have a participation policy effective across all community interactions both online and in person: Please be respectful towards the An Artful Breath brand and each other. We encourage expression of opinions – even if they may be different from our own — but please do so in a polite, considerate manner.  When it comes to interacting with other members, please do so with an intention of encouragement and positivity.  We want this group to be a safe place of nurturing, healing, creativity, growth and development. Therefore please refrain from leaving very negative criticism on other people’s posts, art work and opinions. Commentary that contains racist remarks, hatred or general negative vibes will not be accepted. If a person does display any of the aforementioned behavior, he/ she will be communicated with and if behavior does not change, he/she will be removed from the group/activity/platform. If applicable, no refunds will be given. Let’s keep our community a place of positivity and inspiration, as it was always intended to be.

Membership Site: All content is copyrighted. Please DO NOT share your user name, password or any of the content located in the membership section.

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