She has a lot going on. A lot of moving parts to life.
In the flurry of the juggling act, she seeks
An Artful Breath.


She loves when it’s easy to replenish her cup.
She adores rejuvenation that helps her feel lighter, more playful, more grounded, more peaceful and joyful.

An Artful Breath

She loves the feel of the cards in her hands, the vibrant and vivid imagery that calls to her, the simple questions that invite her into being…

Sometimes, she shuffles and waits till one falls out.
Sometimes, she does a whole spread and journals about it.
Sometimes, she puts one on her yoga mat and stares at it in plank.
Sometimes, she places a card or a few in a little altar like sacred space of her very own.

She loves the simplicity, the whimsy, the beauty, the artful presence…

  • Each deck comes in a beautiful blue bag with a comprehensive digital guidebook download which contains complete instructions on how to use the deck and daily reflection playsheets to inspire your exploration with the cards.
  • The cards are made with a silky soft smooth gloss finish to bring out the vibrancy in the art and whimsical rounded corners.

* Paper/Stock : 16pt
* Full Vibrant Color
* Double Sided
* UV Gloss Coating
* Rounded corners 1/8″
* Made with love
* 52 cards per deck

Engage all your senses with the Artful Breath Card Deck.

A unique and colorful deck drawing on play, mindful self care, and sacred geometry. The images were intuitively created by artist Lezette Markham of Simply Art, and the mindful prompts and lessons are written from the soul of Sheila Pai from A Living Family. This deck is designed to be an inspirational tool for self-reflection and mindful growth. The artwork is a Simply Art collection comprised of expressionist and whimsical mixed media paintings. Luscious inks, acrylics, pencil and computer graphics fill the cards to enhance the mindfulness prompts.

The Deck is Comprised of Four Lessons
to Inspire the Internal space & EXTERNAL ACTION

Each of the 4 lessons include 13 cards.
All four lessons harmoniously come together to inspire the internal space needed to thrive and grow in your mindfulness. 









How Do I Use The Card Deck?

laughingThe card deck can be used as a meditative tool and inspiration enhancer.

You can pull as many cards as you like to take a moment during your busy day to breathe, reflect or simply be inspired. Some favorite ways people have shared with us are as altar cards, for journaling prompts, and as a daily reflection practice. We encourage you to embrace play and explore what the mindful prompts have to offer.


This wonderful card deck helps me keep me present and aware.

Heather Chapplain

Thank you An Artful Breath for giving me a beautiful way to plan my day!

 – Gwen Tanner

I love this card set! Great art and questions!  I am using them tonight for my art immersion group as prompts…WOWZERS!

 – Susan Miller

I am literally swooning at the gorgeousness of it! The words, the art…..couldn’t be anymore perfect.  I am in love with it.

 – Sharon Tessandori

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