Your Passions
Artfully Nurtured

A membership to support your
heart-centered business

Refill your well to fully share your gifts with the world

You and your gifts are needed!
Are you tired of running on steam?

An Artful Breath Membership will refill your well with artful inspiration & mindful business practices.

Do you feel alone in your business?

An Artful Breath Membership gives you a supportive community to catapult your passions forward.

Do you want more daily mindfulness?

This membership will inspire your daily business habits to grow into a healthy and mindful practice.

Yearning to sustain your well-being?

We'll support you every step of the way and share our best practices for staying mindful while growing a business that ignites your passion.

 Our Year Membership Includes

Everything you need to build & grow your business without sacrificing your wellbeing.

 52 Mindful Prompts & business lessons
adorned with original  inspiring artwork.

Guided meditations for inspiration and grounding as you build the business world of your dreams.

A juicy downloadable library of tactical marketing & organization playsheets.

A vibrant Facebook & forum community to support you.

Heart-Centered Business Videos will give you valuable, practical and doable tactics.

Curated resources to relieve the stress of tech and marketing that your business needs to thrive.

You’ll never regret investing in yourself.

Enroll for $5 a month.

Check out #AnArtfulBreath Card Deck The card deck is for heart-centered entrepreneurs looking to practice artful mindfulness to sustain their daily activities and cultivate a thriving business & life. The simple prompts and inspired images support and encourage play, ease, creativity, joy, focus and well-being through the artful exploration of mindfulness. Oh, and did we mention a touch of whimsy on each card?

Membership Perks

The perfect way to spread the love to friends.

We at An Artful Breath LOVE to celebrate you and your gifts. You can look forward to special treats through out the year.

As An Artful Breath Membership continues to grow you can rest assured your amazing membership rate will stay locked in.

Engage all your senses with the Artful Breath Card Deck.

The card deck is the perfect companion to your digital membership.

A unique and colorful deck drawing on play, mindful self care, sacred geometry, and the heart- centered business school of thought. The images were intuitively created by artist Lezette Markham of Simply Art, and the mindful prompts and lessons are written from the soul of Sheila Pai from A Living Family. This deck is designed to be an inspirational tool for self-reflection and growth in your business world. The artwork is a Simply Art collection comprised of expressionist and whimsical mixed media paintings. Luscious inks, acrylics, pencil and computer graphics fill the cards to enhance the mindfulness prompts.

The Deck is Comprised of Four Lessons
to Inspire the Internal space & EXTERNAL ACTION

Each of the 4 lessons include 13 cards.
All four lessons harmoniously come together to inspire the internal space needed to thrive and grow in your heart-centered business.










You can choose to purchase a 1 year membership or a membership with the companion card deck (an irresistible bundle)


1 YEAR membership

52 mindful prompts and business lessons

Guided meditations

Tactical marketing & organization playsheets

A vibrant Facebook & forum community

Heart-Centered Business Videos

Curated tech and marketing resources

Discounted founder yearly renewal fee $60

Investing in your business can be expensive but wasting time, drained energy, lack of support and community is far more costly.

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Membership Benefits:
You’ll receive instant access to your An Artful Breath Membership.

1 Year Membership



1 Year Membership + Companion Card Deck

$90 (USA only)

(Shipping and handling included)

How Do I Use The Card Deck?

laughingThe card deck can be used as a meditative tool and inspiration enhancer.

You can pull as many cards as you like to take a moment during you busy day to breathe, reflect or simply be inspired. We encourage you to embrace play and explore what the mindful prompts have to offer. If you want more than the tasty morsels on the card, you can log in to your membership site to learn more about the lesson the card is inspired by. An Artful Breath is more than a card deck. It is a community of heart-centered entrepreneurs. We welcome you to share your card deck reflections with your soul sisters and brothers here in our community.


This wonderful card deck helps me keep me present and aware.

- Heather Chapplain

Thank you An Artful Breath for giving me a beautiful way to plan my day!

 - Gwen Tanner

I love this card set! Great art and questions!  I am using them tonight for my art immersion group as prompts...WOWZERS!

 - Susan Miller

I am literally swooning at the gorgeousness of it! The words, the art.....couldn't be anymore perfect.  I am in love with it.

 - Sharon Tessandori

What this membership won't do:

This membership will not promise you a 6 figure business. Instead, we will support and nourish your soul as you claim the abundance that is your rightful birthright.

Encourage you to feel overwhelmed with things to implement into your biz and life. Instead, you'll feel inspired and ease filled to embrace new practices to enrich your business and life.

Provide you a place to learn high pressure marketing. and business skills that makes you cringe. Instead, We'll teach you how to bravely share authentically with your communities to spread your much needed gifts with the world.

Your Devoted Inspiration Bringers

Lezette Markham

Simply Art

I’m Lezette Markham an artist entrepreneur. I bring creative and caring business strategy to equally creative and caring business owners like you. Inspiring you to share your unique products and services with the world online. Get ready! I will inspire you to harness your brave, creative power, and ROCK your passion projects!

I am passionate about Inspiring women to live life artfully and embrace their child-like nature.

My work is inspired by play and beauty, embracing creative problem solving and enjoying life and work as one whole artful life.

My purpose is inspire you to create a ridiculously creative and deeply satisfying world.

Sheila Pai

A Living Family

I am Sheila Pai, life coach specializing in transformation through self-care, communication and mindful living. I help heart-centered individuals cultivate mindful presence, connection, peace and ease in simple, practical and doable ways.

I am passionate about getting tools, resources and support to release harmful habits and beliefs and to get vulnerable and visible as you give your gifts to the world.

My work is rooted in empathy and non-judgment and comes from a belief that you matter and you are enough.

My purpose is to plant, nurture and grow a thriving life and a thriving you.

Our Shared Core Values

Values form the foundation of our lives and the inspiration for An Artful Breath. We value bringing an artful and mindful approach to living our lives. We value grounding ourselves with daily rituals and rhythms of care. We value taking time to pause, breathe, be, and be present. It is through clarity around our values that we move with inspired steps towards fulfillment. It is through focus on our values that we can consciously cultivate what matters most.

When creating and designing An Artful Breath, we meditated on core values. We hope that through your exploration of An Artful Breath that you find support for clarifying and cultivating your values in playful, simple and lasting ways.


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